Faith | Senior Session

The sun is shining today and even though it's still FREEZING cold in my neck of the woods, it makes me happy and thinking about spring!
 (I know we have at least two more months to go but hey, I'm trying to be positive!)

 Of course warmer weather has me thinking about the upcoming shooting season. 
I can't wait to start shooting outside again! 

In the mean time, I'm going to be sharing some sessions I never got to posting from this past fall and early winter.

I wasn't planning on any senior sessions last season due to an already busy summer and crazy fall, but I had a few last minute inquiries that I just couldn't pass up and am so happy I didn't.

Faith was one of them and you may remember her from the images I shared on my Facebook page.  
We must have postponed 3 or 4 times due to uncooperative weather but it ended up being so worth it!
 We ended up with the most beautiful fall day you could imagine and this girl was a rock star in front of the camera!

Gorgeous, funny, and sweet as can be...

Faith's session ended up being one of my favorite senior sessions ever and after this past summer, has me fired up for more! 
(Which is crazy as I didn't think I wanted to pursue the senior market much more than a few a season but things have changed my friends. Look out for more info on that coming soon!)

Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend!

I will try my best to not be such a stranger ;)

xo Kaley

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