it's snowing again so let's talk spring...

This winter slowly went by and although it feels like it's going to be here forever,
let's ignore the fact that we have a snow storm coming and start thinking SPRING!

My first set of mini sessions for the year will be happening just as soon as the white stuff is gone and it starts turning green. 
Since an exact date/time for this is up in the air, I'm tentatively planning for late May - early June.

If you want to be sure to get a spot, sign up and we'll then pick an exact date/time once it starts getting pretty out there OR if you're still digging the snow, we can do a snowy session as well! (we'll just want to do it while it's still white before that icky transitional period)

This round of mini sessions will be child, family, or mom + me. 
I decided to do them all together since almost half of the mom + me sessions last year included some shots with dad anyways, but I still encourage a session with just mommas/grandmas/great-grandmas!
I'm booking a limited number so if you're interested, get in touch sooner than later. 
The next mini sessions will be mid-late summer and then again in the fall.  

Mini sessions are great for new clients who want to get a glimpse of what working with me is like and my current clients love them as a way to do a couple sessions through out the year in the different seasons.

I'm also filling up the calender for my regular sessions for the summer.
I'm booking two week day evening sessions per week as well as 1-2 Saturday late morning sessions.

I can't wait to get busy shooting again and look forward to another summer of hanging out with awesome people + capturing fun filled memories!

Stay warm + have a wonderful weekend!

xo Kaley

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