mother's day | my life

to all of you mommas, i hope yesterday was filled with love!

to my mom, thank you for life. 
i love you more than words.

to my two beautiful daughters, adelyn + eden, you're my greatest work.
i love you so.

blessed beyond belief...

xo kaley

our annual mother's day weekend greenhouse trip. 
(minus adelyn, she was with a friend) 

it was so nice seeing all the beautiful color with the gross weather we have had the past few days!
the day started off great by eden letting us all sleep in. (8:30 is sleeping in here!)
-kris + eden had french toast and fresh fruit ready for me when i came downstairs.
-some snuggles with the girls...eden is in an old christmas dress of addie's and i don't think either girl had brushed their hair
-kris made one of my favorite meals : dragon noodles and spicy thai marinated cucumbers - yum!
-the night ended with a glowing skeleton (eden) dancing in a closet....

the day was perfect!

all of the below images are by the wonderful + talented lea peterson of vienna glenn photography

my girls + i...
 and, let's keep it real for a minute...
it's not always smiles + kisses...
but, it's all part of the adventure.
© kaley lein. All rights reserved.