now you're three | my life

as seen below, our baby turned 3 last week.  
yes, three! 

i don't know where the past 3 years have gone, but i do know that they've been fun. 

 this girl is a ray of sunshine...95% of the time ;) 

she wakes up with a smile every single day and is ready to conquer her world. 

she is... 
sweet but SASSY, curious, stubborn, adventurous, daring, brave, smart, creative...
and oh so very loveable! 

 i couldn't imagine life without her and i'm so very thankful God gave us this awesome little person to experience life with. 

 we love her so much! 

 enjoy a peek at her day... 

 xoxo kaley
oooooh the cake!

she saw a picture in our food network magazine of a "grasshopper cake"...
(as in minty grasshopper, not the insect...a few people have been confused!)
and said that it was "her cake" except she wanted it pink instead of the green in the magazine picture...

so...her daddy told her that would indeed be her cake. possibly forgetting that 
i am not much of a baker...i've NEVER baked a cake from scratch...
(oh, but i can cook!)

well, kris + i made it together.

it turned out perfectly imperfect in appearance, but was perfectly delicious in taste!

nice pick, little lady!

and lastly, my favorite of the day...
taken on my iPhone + posted on instagram so if you're a follower, 
you've seen it and if you're not, well, you should be!

 super e
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