all you need is love...

a little peak at some pre-valentine's day fun we had yesterday... 

eden had a blast making her heart painting but quickly lost interest in decorating her valentine's for daycare and ended up falling fast asleep so no pictures of those. 
addie had fun filling up her "fish bowls" with swedish fish... 

both of these ideas came from pinterest and were a lot of fun and super easy! 
 (ok, the fish bowl valentine's weren't as easy as i thought or as they look. 
i just HAD to make my own in photoshop - i could buy a printable of a similar version but...no.) 
my printer rejected the card stock i had planned on using, so i printed them on regular computer paper which turned out to be too flimsy so i then glued that to the card stock and cut out by hand...) 
not a big deal but it seemed like it took way too long. 
 but, addie loves them so it was worth it! 

we're exchanging valentine's this evening when all four of us are home and having our annual valentine's day (breakfast) dinner. 

what fun things do you have planned? do you have any valentine's day traditions? 

happy valentine's day!
hoping you all have a day filled with love! 

xoxo kaley

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