father's day + 30

i want to wish all of the daddy's 
(whom probably won't ever see this since my followers are 98% female between the ages of 24-35. if you're a guy and you're here - thank you! you're awesome.) 
a happy belated father's day!

also, i have to wish my husband a very happy birthday!

i didn't get the post i had planned ready as i was spending the day with the family 
+ celebrating kris' 30th a day early with a small back yard bbq.
saturday was spent shooting an amazing wedding, so it's fair to say i was a wee bit busy :)

i had planned to post this sweet picture from a mom + me mini session.

hannah found the idea on pinterest + her and ellie did their own version.
the pictures are being given as a father's day gift - so cute!

speaking of gifts, i had to get an iPhone capture of a couple of pages from the book adelyn made for kris. it was a last minute idea so i just printed off sheets of paper with different things for her to draw or answer about her daddy.
i love her answers for his height & weight! haha

we spend a lot of time back there and are definitely enjoying our first summer living in our house.

we're turning into lawn + gardening geeks.
totally won't lie though...kris does most of the dirty work + i just add the color :)

our garden is almost done minus a few posts needing to be trimmed down. 
it's fun watching everything change + grow almost daily.

i hope your day is great!

xoxo kaley

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