before + after

Sometimes we don't like every element in an image so we have to fake it and make it so we do!

Here I combined two images that I liked. 
I couldn't decide on which image to edit and liked different things from each. 

In the picture to the left, I liked the way big sister & brother look, but I like momma and the baby better in the picture on the right so I decided to combine the two.

For those interested in photography here's how I achieved this:
NOTE: I am no expert in PS, this is simply how I do it. There may be a much easier way! 
In Photoshop, I first ran a warming action & bumped up my contrast a bit using the same levels for both images so that they would match up color wise. 
Then, using the magnetic lasso tool I selected momma and baby and a little greenery around them as I knew it would make it easier later rather than if I selected right on the outline of mom. 
I then copied the image and after making a new layer on the second image, I pasted. 
I then lined up just right and created a layer mask painting out the greenery with a black brush until it blended well.

It took a little more time, but in the end it's worth it and my clients deserve as close to perfection as I can give them!

*ONE of the biggest things I'd change about this whole set up?
Moving the blanket farther away from the greenery so it would have created a soft & creamy bokeh!* 

I hope you're all having a GREAT day!


xoxo Kaley


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