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I've been enjoying every second that I possibly can of my weekends with my family & the gorgeous weather we've been having before my weekends are consumed with weddings and the summer flies by before my eyes.

Here are some iPhone captures from our time spent at the beach. 

I don't think we've ever enjoyed a beach day in May before! 

I also met up with this little cutie Saturday morning before family time and can't resist sharing a few shots.

Now, I'm normally not a "beach session" kind of a girl but how could we NOT go to the beach with her outfit?
I'm so happy we did - I LOVE the shots captured there!

Thankfully there was a tiny section that was partially shaded because at 10:30am, it was already very bright and getting very warm!

I couldn't decide which I like better - color or b+w?

I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am!

Weddings don't start for another couple of weeks so in the mean time I'll be with the fam hanging out in our backyard or along Lake Superior somewhere...

I'm only shooting a session (sometimes two, tops) a week while weddings are in full swing and have two more dates in June I can fill so if you want to be sure to get in, email me soon!

Otherwise, as announced here in early April, I'm doing Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions in August 
& Back To School Mini Sessions in September.

Dates were announced then too & if you'd like to book a spot early get in touch!


xoxo Kaley
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