wise words...

There will always be someone who does not like you. 

Someone who does not get you, understand you, or someone who does not reciprocate the goodness you extend towards them. Someone who goes out of their way to poison your day. 

Someone who longs to bring you down – piece by piece, word by word.

When you ask yourself about the matter . . . {because we all do}
Your question should not be, “Why don’t they like me?” . . .But rather, “Why does it bother me so?

Their smallness does not make you small.
Even the word “belittle” itself simply means to “Be Little”. 

I am tired of living small. In a box bound by expectations and marked in fear.

This Day . . . 

I remember that I am not up for vote.

I walk in the truth of who I am. 

I refuse to be bitter. 

I choose forgiveness.

I remember their words say more about them than me."

-Words by the amazingly talented & soul inspiring photographer, Skye Hardwick 
© kaley lein. All rights reserved.