you went to school to learn, girl...things you never, never knew before...

I said all my mushy momma stuff on my post of her actual first day of school so I'll keep this short!

I had this session in mind for as long as I can remember and through out the last several months have been scoping out things at the antique stores and just things around my house and my mom's that I could use. My Mom picked up the globe for $3 and most of the old books a while back for $1 a piece at a hole in the wall antique store. I added a few to the collection for about $2 each that I found through out downtown Negaunee. (Lowenstein's and the Old Bank Building) The desk I picked up at Kate's Collectable's for $10...YES, TEN DOLLARS! I had been scoping it out every time I'd be going to and from Marquette - my mom even called me when she noticed and we we both decided I HAD to have it for this session. I just figured it was more than I wanted to spend so my jaw dropped when I finally called about it and she told me the price. I also purchased the metal pail from there for $10. The wooden clock thing was $9 & the blue lunch pail was $10 - both from The Old Bank Building. Everything else came from my mom! Addie's necklace was made by me, her headband is by Millie's Mockingbird, tshirts & boots are Old Navy, skirt is by the awesome Danielle of PinkBean, & her knee highs are from Target. 

I'm really happy with how it all came together and my Addie, though exhausted, rocked it for me like always! (We went for Ice Cream afterwards and I pretty much promised her that Santa would bring her the Barbie camper she wants to get a few smiles out of her...Ahh.)The only thing I'm regretting is I wanted to do a few shots of her in her fake funky pink glasses and we forgot them, we may have to do a few more shots but I'll let her take a break for a couple days first! Sitting there and looking cute is just EXHAUSTING, you know...


xoxo Kaley

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