work hard & be nice to people

I didn't prepare a blog post for today but wanted to keep up with the posting streak I'm on, (YEAH!) so even though it's a short one, & a simple one, it's something. 

I've been finding so much inspiration on Pinterest lately in all aspects of life: decorating, fashion, photography, and A LOT of quotes/sayings that I like. This being one of them.

(Haven't heard of Pinterest yet? It's a great way to keep the things you like/things you see while browsing online organized and for me, a great way to "remember" my ideas. I randomly think of things and Kris would always tell me to write it down or save it or whatever and now I have these organized little idea & inspiration boards and they're wonderful! Anyways...

Work hard and be kind and amazing things will happen!

This will be going into my "new" office...

So simple. I love simple.

xoxo Kaley
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