style showcase...simple & sweet

I shared a few images from this session on a previous post but wanted to share a few more to show case the job well done by their momma on styling them.

What you wear/have your kids wear plays a HUGE part in the shoot in my opinion. 
I always tell my clients to coordinate but don't dress everyone the same

Would you take your family out to dinner all wearing identical khakis and a polo?
Would you go grocery shopping with everyone wearing rolled up jeans and white t-shirts? Probably not, right? 

Dress how you would normally dress...( Maybe funk it up a little!) but be who YOU are...
as a family, or as the individual.

These images are great examples of coordinating but not being too matchy-matchy.

Layers are a great idea and always look good, especially in these cooler UP months when you don't want to be wearing your winter jackets
but you want to be warm and comfortable.
(a top, jacket, scarf...)

Bring along a few different accessories to change up the look a little.
(hats, jewelry, again...scarves, etc...)

Make the most of your session and make it personal to YOU!

Have a great day!
xoxo Kaley

(even something as simple as a lollipop adds a pop of color and gives the little one something to focus on for...a second or two!)
(An old family quilt adds pops of color while giving a personal feel to the image as seen below)
(The old toy car was brought by the client and has been in their family for years! How fun is that!?)

 *All the knits seen here were made by their Momma. Be sure to check out her shop!*

Here's a GREAT example of awesome styling/coordinating for a family session:

Using a palette of gray, white, & yellow they coordinate but aren't identical. 
Here's a great example of layers on both Mom & Dad & accessories to make it even more fun!

*The headbands & knit dress on little Paytin were made by a local (yay!) woman, Wendy Skewis*
*Emersyn's gray polka dot dress was purchased off of Etsy.com*

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