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A picture that I posted on my Facebook page inspired me to show you something...

During sessions you will never EVER hear me tell the kids to, "Say Cheese." I'd actually rather not capture a single smile from them than a fake one.

A lot of times, parents will be saying it to them behind me and I never quite have the guts to tell them not to. It just comes out as a natural thing to say when a picture is being taken. There are also often times when the parents don't even tell the kids to, they just do it on their own.

It some how became embedded in our minds that we need to say it during picture time.

Anyways, here is a prime example of the smiles produced when the child is told/programmed to say "cheese" and the smile produced when I get them to laugh or capture a true moment and look of natural happiness.

Look at these two pictures. While I wish they were of the same setting and look (one is more natural while one was processed to have a "vintage feel") they are close enough to use as a good comparison.

Just look at the difference the true smile makes, you can even see it in her eyes. THESE are the smiles you want captured and hanging on your walls!

The parents of this little beauty didn't tell her to say cheese, she cheesed it up on her own and is still cute as heck doing it, don't get me wrong, I still love the picture. Her momma initially called it her "cheese" smile (which intrigued me to do a post about it) and gave me permission to use her as an example to share - thank you Amy!

xoxo K

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