.fifty & fabulous.

Now I know a lot of women don't like their age shared, so I contemplated using it in this post title...but when you look this good you gotta own it!

My friend & fellow photographer Sarah of Sarah Elizabeth Images (we're the two behind Elizabeth Joy Weddings!) asked me if I'd do a shoot of her and her mom together as a surprise for her mom's 50th birthday. I was honored of course, and couldn't wait for this session.

Well, Sue was VERY surprised and the shoot was amazing. We had a blast - lots of laughs that's for sure! (I'm sorry the surprise didn't involve a new car...or hot man!)

Sue, I hope you had a wonderful time spending your birthday weekend with your girl! You are absolutely gorgeous and I'm so happy to have met you - I wish you the best of luck in your new adventure ahead!

Sarah, thank you so much for having me do this for you two. It was awesome to witness the bond and hear so much laughter between you and your momma! A few of these shots made me laugh as I thought, "Oh, this is SO Sarah!" I definitely captured YOU.
xoxo Kaley

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