.checking in & catching up.

Just stopping in to say a quick "hello" to you all and post a few quick images from sessions from last month that I don't believe I shared anywhere yet!

Last month I did a few sessions in my own place using faux wall/floor backdrops and while it worked out pretty well, I found it to be very restricting and not really me. I guess I didn't feel as free or like the kids (especially those who are able to move around on me!) could be themselves which is what they are supposed to be and what I want to capture for you. Some day (hopefully soon!) I will have a whole room as a natural light studio that they can run around and play in during the colder months.

Needless to say, I'm beyond excited to finally start full force into outdoor sessions, with my first being this evening. This weekend will also mark the first official wedding shot by Sarah & I as Elizabeth Joy Weddings and we're over the moon about that! The beginning of June is packed full of children's sessions and then Sarah & I venture off on our first out of state job in Las Vegas! (there we get to follow around and capture memories for a pretty awesome little Negaunee crew, I must say!) The rest of June is weddings, weddings, weddings, and I won't be scheduling too many other sessions the rest of the month as I want to see how this is going to go balancing being a wife and momma of 2, a full wedding season, and all my other sessions. I'm so excited yet nervous/anxious as I'm going to have more on my plate than ever before.

July will be a little more calm so get in touch if you want to set up a session.

As you've probably noticed, a new look took place a few months back and I'm loving it! With that came along a new website that is almost finished - just need to post new galleries which will be up soon so check back for that!

I'm sure you're all looking forward to summer! At least we are finally looking green out there and the leaves and flowers are beginning to blossom! We just came from a sunny 90 degrees in Mexico and while I may have brought some sunshine home with me, I definitely didn't bring any warmth!

Cya soon!

xoxo K

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