.eleven months | michigan baby photographer.

These images were taken last week as the little miss was playing on our bed. It happened to be the day she was 11 months exactly.

I can't believe that in less than 30 days our sweet little owl will be with us for a year. She brings a lot of laughs to our home, that's for sure! She's silly, loves to dance, is independent, feisty, sassy...oh the list goes on! She started walking before she was even ten months old so that has made her even more destructive. She also never quite got the memo on not waking up a million times during the night after you're around for a few months. No, not her! We've honestly tried EVERYTHING imaginable. I guess it's paybacks for us bragging up how Adelyn began solidly sleeping through the night when she was only a mere 6 weeks old. The two are pretty much complete opposites but share the same sweet soul.

Oh, how we love her so...

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