.don't sell yourself short.

I initially saw this graphic & saying a few weeks back as I was browsing on Pinterest and it really stuck with me. I have since seen it two more times so I feel it's meant to be drilled into my brain :)

Pricing as a photographer is a tricky thing & a scary thing. My friend and the other half of Elizabeth Joy Weddings & I just discussed this yesterday. Of course you don't want to charge so much that no one will hire you, but you don't want to charge too little just to get a ton of work and not be earning what your talent, creativity, experience, and time (shooting, editing, & for me, the time spent away from my family while doing all this) is worth. Charging more may = booking less, but those clients who do hire you VALUE your work and know you're worth it. That's the type of clientele I want anyways!

Of course starting out and in the portfolio building stages you charge less to get your name out there and get work (and so then this wouldn't apply), but there comes a point where you need to charge your worth as you become more experienced and your skill & talent blossoms.

If YOU don't value your own work, neither will anyone else - I will continue to remind myself of this!

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