.Happy 2011.

I hope you've all had a great few days into the New Year!

One of my "goals" (we'll call it a goal instead of a resolution because I can never keep my resolutions-HA!) is to get back into posting on my blog - whether it be sharing images from sessions and photography related, or just something I want to share with whoever reads this. :)

[2010 recap]

2010 was am amazing year both personally and business wise. As most of you know, we welcomed our second beautiful daughter, Eden Reese, last March and...


(this is both good and...just plain exhausting!)

She is definitely a force in the Lein house! Anyone who knows us knows that Kris & I are pretty quiet/calm people, that Adelyn is honestly a complete angel, and Eden is...well, she's feisty, sassy, wild, has a horrible temper, still wakes up twice almost every night (and is going on 10 months old) but...she is also hilarious (no lie, she has a great sense of humor already and the most adorably infectious laugh) very snuggly & sweet (at times), has the most expressive and smiley eyes I've ever seen, and is super smart. We love her to pieces.

(...and at 27 years young I have found 3 grays in my hair! Thank you very much my little doll!)

After her entrance, I started up shooting again and from that point on everything about my life was pretty crazy for a while. Business really blossomed and I can officially say it's been a success. I'm so blessed to be able to do something I love and have so many supporters(most of whom I've never even met) cheer me on and spread the word, especially when there are so many others doing or trying to do the same thing as me. The Marquette area has had an abundance of young photographers start up over the past couple years and especially, from what I've noticed, this past year, some of them being amazing talents. That makes me feel very honored to be chosen as someone's photographer when there are so many options.

This past May, after over a year on the job hunt after earning his degrees, my husband was offered a position for a company in Milwaukee, WI. We were excited, especially me as I never thought of myself ALWAYS living here, and also scared out of our minds. We began the hunt for an apartment and were mentally preparing ourselves for a move to the city with two small children. Literally TWO days after the offer, he was offered a job here in Marquette. We made a list of the pros and the cons and obviously realized that for some odd reason and against my wishes, God wanted us here in little old Negaunee.

From May into early December work was pretty much non-stop. There were times when I definitely had too much on my plate. I learned a lot about myself and how much I can handle while also being an "at home mom" of two little ones, and more about the "business" side of photography.(which isn't always the most fun!) I'm looking forward to using my newly learned knowledge into making this year even better for all! (myself, my family, my clients...) :)

The year has started off awesome so far! On New Years day I announced along with my friend and fellow photog, Sarah Hughes of Sarah Elizabeth Images, a partnership for wedding photography and our new business, Elizabeth Joy Weddings. The response we received was wonderful and we're so excited to begin this new adventure. Of course I will remain independent for all of my other sessions - we just feel it will be a benefit to both of us and to all the couples we work with to have us both! Keep an eye out for us and check out our fan page on Facebook!

Wishing you all happiness & blessings!

Check back often...The best is yet to come! xoxo K

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