sweet summer on superior | child session

freckled faces, lashes for days, + the lake superior shore... 
 summertime in upper michigan and four of my favorite little humans on the planet. 
xo kaley 



summer nights | my life

dirty + chipped toenails, perfect golden evening light, wild flowers, flips, + lots of giggles... 
i love summer nights + i love these two.

also, i've never been presented a flower by foot before. 
(thank you so much my darling eden reese!)

enjoy these fleeting nights + these moments with your own, my friends.
xo kaley



san francisco to big sur, ca | let's go

2016 has been a cool year for us as it has marked a decade for many important dates.
our adelyn turned 10,
our marriage turned 10, + our sweet furry girl, kenzie is 10 today!
apparently 2006 was a big year for us! 

to celebrate our 10 year, we decided we'd go on a trip - just us!
we had a budget set and spent months searching flights, researching cities, etc.
from the beginning, san francisco was a major contender.

while getting more into the search, kris pulled up pictures of the drive along the coast from san francisco to big sur and i was sold!

we spent another month obsessively checking flight prices and things weren't looking good for san francisco as the price had doubled since our search began.
we gave ourselves our anniversary (may 13th) as our deadline to book and when we arrived home from the dinner that night and hopped on the computer, 
the flight price had dropped to $163!

we booked.

below is a look into our trip with images taken both on our iPhones + my camera.
i left commentary for those who are interested. if you're not just scroll on by! :)

san francisco | day I

 we flew into oakland which is about 28 miles east of san francisco. 
our plane tickets were much cheaper with this option!



kumpula | family session

i hung out with this adorable family earlier this summer + have been meaning to blog them forever! 

how cute are mom + dad?! such a stylish couple! 

it was so fun watching all the kids interact and witnessing the different personalities. 

 i love that the little princess of the family (who happens to be a favorite of mine!) has THREE big brothers to look out for her - lucky girl!


xo kaley

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